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George Brown, Jr., Pastor/Teacher

Church History

In 1956 a young preacher name A.R Richardson of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Los Angeles, California answered the call of the Holy Sprit and started a Mission. With his wife Lizzie, son Roscoe and members of the local community the new Mission was started on an urban corner in a Los Angeles neighborhood that bordered the cities of Compton, Watts and Gardena. 

The Mission was held in a house that Rev. Richardson and his wife purchased. As the missionaries began to conduct work in the community he continued to listen to the Holy Sprit showing him the need not only for a mission in the community but the need for a Church to expand the work of teaching sinners about the the risen Christ. On August 12, 1956 a meeting was called with the Golden West District Association and their moderator Pastor Willhite of the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles.

The purpose of the meeting was to convert the mission into an ecclesiastical organization and church to service the local community. This meeting was recorded by the Golden West District Association secretary Sis. Willhite the wife of the moderator. 

The first order of business was to selecting a name for the new body. Rev. Richardson made a recommendation that the church as, founded in Judges 4:6 should be called Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. At the time of this meeting there was no other church by that name in Los Angeles and a vote was taken and the committee voted that this would be the name of the new Church body.

Next a motion was introduced that the Rev. A.R. Richardson be assigned as the Pastor of the new body.  This motioned was moved and seconded within the committee and Rev. Richardson was elected as Pastor of this new regenerated body.

After being organized into a Baptist Church and electing a pastor, the church adopted the Church Covenant and Articles of Faith.

For the first several years Church services were held in the two-bedroom home that the Richardson family originally purchased. 

The congregation consisted of a few adults and children. With faith and the membership Rev. Richardson set out to continue with his dream to migrate services from the two-bedroom house into a larger church building. 


With very little money Rev. Richardson and his Wife Lizzie were able to buy materials as needed and also hire a carpenter by the name of Mr. Callienhan to oversee and assist with construction. 

Even though many people called him “crazy” Rev. Richardson followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and he proceeded to build the church building with the a carpenter, a few adult men, and some dedicated young boys and the building was completed in 1961.

On November 17, 1968 Pastor Richardson had the opportunity to ordain George Brown, Jr. who was one of the dedicated young boys who help build the church facility that they currently held services in.

As the church congregation continued to grow over the many years Rev. Richardson set a new goal to eventually build a larger more serviceable facility on the same corner of 132nd and San Pedro Street. However, he was never able to see this goal completed when he was call home to be with the Lord in March 1973.

On May 9, 1973 after the passing of Pastor Richardson the Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church congregation elected George Brown, Jr. as their new pastor.

On May 11, 1982 the church name was modified for the article of incorporation and to also better align with the expanded mission of the church. As of May 11, 1982 the church is known as the Mt. Tabor Community Missionary Baptist Church. 

In October 2007 the ground braking ceremony was held for a new church building on the same lot where the church was originally established.  During the construction of the new church building the original two-bedroom room house where church services were originally held for several years after 1956 was demolished to make way for the new sanctuary.

On February 20, 2011 Pastor Brown and the Mt. Tabor Community Missionary Baptist Church congregation held services to dedicate the new church facility.

Since 1956 Mt. Tabor has been a beacon of light in the community were she was established and her surrounding areas. She stands as one of Christ’s saving stations and a place of refuge.